History of Nagakubo's shisomaki

History of Nagakubo’s shisomaki

1934 since its inception, has been continue to protect the taste of tradition.

It was around the time of the beginning of the Showa. Nagakubo Tsune is,

beside which to engage in the grocer

Tsune is Even pickles   were repeatedly devised.

A proud of goods is "Nagakubo’s shisomaki"

Become a great reputation where it was arranged in the shop,

customers are now Come from all over. Iwaki provinces heyday of Joban coal mine of this time. Even people who work in the coal mine

"Nagakubo’s shisomaki" is favorite food. The Nagakubo Tsune use
Riyaka and pulling it says that it has been  in the coal mine on a daily basis.

Before long, it means that Joban coal mine that boasted prosperity also greet the

                                                                   time of closure,People who work in the mine, went  moved to across the country.

                                                                   Still, "Nagakubo's shisomaki" was been loved as taste of hometown.

                                                                   And, even now. Continue to protect the taste does not change with the time of taste,

                                                                  widely as Iwaki of tasteYorokoba has been. Please use also your gift please.